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Extremely high alkalinity due to dissolution of mica-group silicate in the pelagic sediments of the Ulleung Basin (East Sea): stable Si isotopes evidence and reactive transport modelling by Tzu-Hao Huang | Xiaole Sun | Ji-Hoon Kim | Chris Mark | Wei-Li Hong

Marine silicate weathering drives exceptionally strong benthic silicon fluxes in Icelandic fjords by Katharine Hendry | Cedric Goossens | Cathrin Wittig | Mikhail Kononets | Per Hall | Sebastiaan van de Velde

Silicon isotopes in juvenile and mature Cyperus papyrus from the Okavango Delta, Botswana by Giulia Lodi | Julia Cooke | Rebecca A. Pickering | Lucie Cassarino | Mike Murray-Hudson | Keotshephile Mosimane | Daniel J. Conley

A multi-isotopic study of the role of groundwater in supplying silicon to the ocean: A case study in groundwater from Cardiff, UK. by Zhe Dong | Katharine Hendry | Hong Chin Ng | Jamie Lewis | David Boon | Christopher Coath | Xiaoning Liu | Gareth Farr

Silica determination assessment in seagrass leaves by Justine Roth | Morgane Gallinari | Maria Lopez-Acosta | Jonas Schoelynck | Gema Hernán | Julia Mañez-Crespo | Aurora M. Ricart

The key role of the Archean oceanic Si cycle in the growth of early continental crust by Luc André

Early Diagenesis of Authigenic Silicon in Deep-Sea Sediments from the South Pacific by Ernst-Moritz Gröschl | Bianca T. P. Liguori | Katharina Pahnke | Claudia Ehlert

HAS-Li isotope fractionations? Investigating how and when geochemical signatures of rock-water interactions are archived within secondary phases. by Xu Zhang | Andrea Billarent Cedillo | David Wilson | Oliver Plümper | Philip Pogge von Strandmann | Helen E. King

Deglacial stratification of the polar Southern Ocean by François Fripiat | Danniel M. Sigman | Xuyuan (Ellen) Ai | Cédric Dumoulin | Simone Moretti | Anja S. Studer | Bernhard Dieckmann | Oliver Esper | Thomas Frederichs | Frank Lamy | Ling Liu | Frank Pattyn | Mareike Schmitt | Rafl Tiedemann | Gerald H. Haug | Alfredo Martínez-García

Glacially enhanced silicate weathering constrained by Si isotopes and Ge/Si of biogenic silica in Holocene lake sediments by Yi Hou | Jotis Baronas | Preston Cosslett Kemeny | Julien Bouchez | Áslaug Geirsdóttir | Gifford Miller | Mark A. Torres

Silicon isotopes as a tool to capture winter biogeochemical processes in permafrost soils by Maëlle Villani | Catherine Hirst | Eléonore du Bois d’Aische | Maxime Thomas | Erik Lundin | Reiner Giesler | Magnus Mörth | Sophie Opfergelt

Primary sources, circulation and Si burial in marine environment of Precambrian-Palaeozoic times by Agata Jurkowska

Isotopic approaches to exploring coupling of marine silica and carbon cycling in the Southern Ocean by Laura Taylor | Clara Manno | Kate Hendry | Helen Williams

Rocking heathlands: Exploring silicate rock powder as an alternative to liming in the restoration of acidified heathlands by Sophia Findeisen

Exploring glacial-interglacial nutrient conditions in the Antarctic Zone: Insights from a one-dimensional water column model by Cédric Dumoulin | François Fripiat | Barbara Hinnenberg | Daniel M. Sigman | Alfredo Martínez-García

Silicon and oxygen isotope fractionation in a silicified carbonate by Michael Tatzel | Marcus Oelze | Daniel A. Frick | Tommaso DiRocco | Moritz Liesegang | Maria Stuff | Michael Wiedenbeck

Tracing changes in winter biogeochemical processes in Arctic rivers with amorphous silica precipitation by Sophie Opfergelt | François Gaspard | Catherine Hirst | Laurence Monin | Juhls Bennet | Anne Morgenstern | Michael Angelopoulos | Paul Overduin

Estuaries as modulators of tropical riverine Si fluxes by Sarath Pullyottum Kavil | K.R. Mangalaa | Ramananda Chakrabarti | Jean Riotte | Arnaud Dapoigny | V.V.S.S. Sarma | Damien Cardinal

Oxygen isotopes in cherts record decreasing paleo-heat flow on Shatsky Rise (W’ Pacific) by Oskar Schramm

The effects of dunite fertilization and precipitation regimes on biogenic silica concentration in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha by Jonas Schoelynck | Heleen Keirsebelik | Giulia Lodi | Katharina Wilfert

Examining silicon cycling in abyssal marine sediments using silicon isotopes by Manyu Chen | Jianghui Du | Colin Maden | Gregory F. de Souza

Silicon stable isotopes of phytoliths to reconstruct past water availability in Sorghum bicolor by Francesca D\'Agostini | Daniel A. Frick | Alessandra Varalli | Marco Madella | Carla Lancelotti

Physical erosion enhanced silicate weathering stabilized climate after the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum by Yuhao Dai

Testing wet-chemical sequential leaching on sediments with modified BSi contents for method improvement to separate and quantify SiO2 phases in marine sediments by Antonia C. Schell | Rebecca A. Pickering | Tzu-Hao Huang | Wei-Li Hong

Constraining changes in silicate weathering and ocean circulation during the middle-late Eocene: Evidence from silicon and lithium isotopes. by Ruchi Ruchi | Michael J. Henehan | Patrick J. Frings | Ollie Laub | Donald E. Penman | Daniel A. Frick | Friedhelm von Blanckenburg

Silicon isotopic contrast between Southern Ocean fertilized and HNLC (High Nutrients Low Chlorophyll) areas around Kerguelen and Heard Islands by Edwin Cotard | Valentin Deteix | Arnaud Dapoigny | Sandrine Caquineau | Thomas Ryan-Keogh | Damien Cardinal

Species-specific radiolarian δ30Si signals across the last deglaciation by Joy Schrepfer | Iván Hernández-Almeida | Colin Maden | Gregory F. de Souza

A robust signal in diatom δ30Si across the last deglaciation by Janine L. Schmitter | Anja S. Studer | Jianghui Du | Colin Maden | Alain Mazaud | Gregory F. de Souza

Quantifying the loss of silica in the Scheldt river as a result of plastic removal by Jonas Schoelynck | Silke Van den Eynde

The effect of papyrus and reed wetlands on Si cycling in east African streams by Patience Ayesiga | Giulia Lodi | Joel Ndayishimiye | Jan Cools | Makarius Ialika | Jonas Schoelynck

Evolution of particles composition along a glacier-ocean continuum by Mathis Guyomard | Damien Cardinal | Sandrine Caquineau | Edwin Cotard

The role of marine silicate alteration in regulating carbon cycling by Wei-Li Hong | Xiaole Sun | Marta E. Torres | Tzu-Hao Huang | Rebecca A. Pickering

What can we learn from the oldest and first d30Si diatom taxa specific record? by Lucie Cassarino | Karolina Brylka | Yuhao Dai | Rebecca A. Pickering | Sylvain Richoz | Daniel J. Conley

The Silica Cycle during the Upper Cretaceous: A Case Study from a Canadian Continental Shelf by Kristin Doering | Zhouling Zhang | Yuhao Dai | Wolf Dummann | Tjördis Störling | Claudia Schröder-Adams | Sylvain Richoz | Martin Frank | Jens Herrle | David Harwood | Daniel J. Conley

Culturing Radiolarians for Isotope Geochemistry by Sophie Westacott | Emmeline Gray | Bernát Heszler | Lisa Friberg | Michael Henehan

The stubborn silica: Why do diatom frustules withstand a sequential leaching protocol? by Petra Zahajská | Franziska M. Stamm | Andre Baldermann | Christopher M. Schiller | Daniel Conley

Seafloor nutrient factories: investigating the benthic cycling of silicon in fjords along the West Antarctic Peninsula by Lisa Friberg | Charlotte Grisby | Amber L Annett | Katharine Hendry | Felipe Sales de Freitas

Exploring triple-silicon isotope behaviour during amorphous silica precipitation by Patrick J. Frings | Franziska M. Stamm | Michael Tatzel

Does biology matter for the coupling of the long-term carbon and silicon cycles? by Patrick J. Frings

Silicon cycling from ice-sheet to coastal ocean: insights from isotope geochemistry by Katharine Hendry | Felipe Sales de Freitas | Sandra Arndt | Lisa Friberg | Jade Hatton | Jonathan Hawkings | Jeffrey Krause | Lorenz Meire | Hong Chin Ng | Helena Pryer | Tong Wang | E. Malcolm S. Woodward

Reactive transport modelling reveals changes in properties of tropical soils subjected to enhanced silicate weathering by Juliette Glorieux | Yves Goddéris | Sylvain Kuppel | Pierre Delmelle

Iron-Silicon Interactions in Reactive Silicon Pools: Insights from West Antarctic Fjord Sediments by Lisa Friberg | Kate Hendry | Amber Annett

Silicon dynamics in terrestrial ecosystems: current knowledge and future prospects by Félix de Tombeur

Silicon isotope fractionation during the formation of amorphous silica, amorphous hydroxyaluminosilicates and amorphous hydrous ferric silicate phases by Franziska M. Stamm | Andre Baldermann | Daniel A. Frick | Patrick J. Frings | Friedhelm von Blanckenburg | Martin Dietzel

How to measure Si isotopic signatures in specific phases of suspended particles? by Damien Cardinal | Mathis Guyomard | Edwin Cotard | Valentin Deteix | Sandrine Caquineau | Ivia Closset

Enhanced Silicate Weathering – A marine perspective for an emerging technique of atmospheric CO2 removal? by Winter Bui | Nathalie Roevros | Le Chou | Steeve Bonneville